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Welcome to Caerberu’s Song Compositions!

This is a collection of my song compositions. You can listen to them, just wait for the IMEEM to load, it plays automatically. Hope you like them!

Here's a list of my songs. I haven't uploaded all of them yet, hopefully I'll be able to upload more before this month ends. They're not pro, yet.^_^ Recorded these at home with a simple mic connected to the PC. Pretty noisy sometimes. :p

01 misspelled names
02 the girl who wished for wings
03 her photograph
04 i'll be here
05 concrete lines
06 the sins of an erratic heart(I.A.T.W.W.D.R.)
07 right to be wrong
08 sunrise
09 breakups and romance
10 the perfect sunset
11 the quiet new year
12 the apology piano version
13 escape from the dream
14 rain down on this city
15 break free piano version
16 braver
17 an undone poem
18 scenarios
19 slow motion
20 aftermath (sins of an erratic heart remake for cmsc 141 portfolio)
21 automata (cmsc 142 portfolio)
22 everything falls
23 in this night
24 let go